Live Animals

Here at Paw Paw Pet Store we do not sell Dogs, Cats, Birds, Reptiles or Small Animals. We believe there are many of these animals already needing homes and adding to that issue would not be beneficial for local animal welfare. However we do sell Live Fish. We only sell Tropical Fresh Water Fishes.

Fish are an excellent pet and companion. They also teach responsibility and help educate the importance of caring for animals constantly. This is something we want to be able to offer Broome, especially children. Unfortunately fish can also be a pet that is neglected or incorrectly kept. For this reason we have removed Betta fish from available fishes, as they require a lot more attention than most keepers understand. It is the customers responsibility to ensure the fish they purchase have an adequate aquarium to home them in and they are able to keep the fish for the entirety of its life span.

For more information please contact us and we will endeavor to help with your queries. If you want to obtain a dog, cat or any other pet we do not offer, we canĀ help point you in the right direction, whether that be an animal rescue or reputable breeder.